Is there a way to remove radiation from the map?

I have to sleep in hazmat pajamas, because somehow my base got irradiated and I wake up with 150-170 rads every day. I have no idea how – I don’t test artifacts there, I’ve never been radioactive… What could’ve caused it? Anyway, that’s a secondary consideration.

I don’t mind cheating to remove it. I just want it gone. :\

I don’t recall seeing an option for it in the debug menu map editor, but there is a different way that works for sure: save editing.

You need to locate your base in the save directory. First open the world directory (named like your world) and the file that has a “.sav” extension there. Open it with any text editor. If you have more than one, you’ll need to open all of them and find which one contains your current character (by “ctrl+f”-ing the name).
On the top of this file you’ve got 3 variables: levx, levy and levz. Remember those (keep the file open so you can peek).
Then enter the “maps” directory. You’ll find a lot of directories named with numbers. Pick the one with a name: levx/64,levy/64,levz (rounding down fractions).
Then in this directory open a file with a name like: levx/2,levy/2,levz (also round down). Make a backup copy of it just in case. Edit it with a text editor and ctrl+f “radiation”.
There will be more than one radiation block (I think always 4). Replace each of those with "radiation":[0,144]. Save the file.

Let’s say our levx=100, levy=50, levz=-1. So in “maps” we want a directory 1,0,-1 (100/64=1, 50/64=0, -1). In this directory, we want a file 50,25,-1 (100/2=50, 50/2=25, -1).

Broken or damaged Atomic_* stuff (stuff you modified counts as well), damaged plutonium cells, and I think the reactor bionic can cause it.

What about just turning off mutation due to radiation?

There’s still damage and pain due to radiation.

That actually makes radiation a ton* more dangerous since your personal radiation drops by a rather large factor every time you mutate.

*Like, lethal levels are 5-8 times lower, i.e. spend a very short time in a sarcophagus = lethal levels

wierd, i have damaged atomic lamp next to my bed and i do not mutate or get pain my radiation badge is green too