Does the radioactivity mutation permanently contaminate an area?

I’ve been wondering just how much of a loose cannon the radioactivity mutation is, such as possible weaponization versus effects on successive characters. Is there a half-life for the radiation to dissapear or is a base inhabited by a radioactive person unliveable for future characters? Furthermore are you immune to your own radiation zones, or are you forced to live a nomadic playstyle?

If you irradiate an area, it will be irradiated permanently. Should you choose to stay in an irradiated area, you will suffer from radiation sickness (and eventually death if you go that far) unless you wear something that completely protects you from radiation at all times. Note that even if you have the Radiogenic mutation (which makes radiation heal you) you will still suffer the negative effects of radiation.

so essentially you are forced to play nomadically

Or wear a radhaz suit (which would allow you to only contaminate a single location, rather than creating hazards all over the place for subsequent characters).