Remove the debuff for killing zombie children!


Well I did reference my demeanor as a goofball. I wasn’t making a direct pun. But a sarcastic remark about how I think there fore I am. I also meant that you do the same. But it was a little vague. I know.

Some may consider me not a human at all and more of a light hearted “Intelligent Donkey” wink


Ahhh…I just got what you took as a slant. The part about …yeah…
“especially stuff I wasn’t expressly told to think”.

Ok you took it as being unable to think for ones self. I wrote it, of mind “I take the crap I read with a grain of salt”

So. Ok, if you were offended by that. I am sorry. Totally not what I mean though.


It’s cool, I gotta say it was a stimulating debate. I don’t know that we arrived at any definite conclusion , but it certainly dragged me away from boring old work, and that… means I should probably ignore the little discourse popups more often. :smiley:


Well believe it or not we stayed exactly on topic of the original idea for the thread. We just went WAY deeper than was needed lol

I think I came away from this as 2 sides of a game mechanic that could be discussed more when we have far more NPC depth than is present, at present.

Just imagine the NPC rabbit hole for this one topic. Jesus. I feel bad for Kevin and the other coders lol xD


This? Heart me baby! lol
(wsh wsh,blows on knuckles. Yeah this bit wasn’t half bad of a human observation eh?..somebody gimme a mirror, I like myself!:rofl:)


Yea its going to be interesting, I particularly look forward to the inevitable reversal when some fraction of the people currently in favor of guilt-free killing realize that their character is outnumbered and maybe it’s nice to live in a world where people have compunctions about killing each other. Maybe we’ll add a game mode where everyone’s a psychopath and see how fun that is.


You mean DayZ? People already got pissy about NPCs coming up on them and dumping an entire smg mag into them. Can’t wait until psychopath NPCs snipe you with a mosin every time you leave the shelter.


Would be pretty much the same game as we know it though. If everyone were a labeled psychopath, nobody would be different in terms of game changes. Nobody would care much about killing a human looking creature that is trying to tear their face off.

I DO, however, think scaling the characters that are not using the trait from the start maybe a good idea. To a more indifferent emotional state after either a combination of time and how often they kill a creature. Perhaps one or the other?

I thought about it a little more. What could be a normal beginning person dealing with the mess they are in.


Everyone not using psychopath trait may begin as a “normal” person.

Point? Morale Debuffs. I can find all manner of stuff to boost my morale. But not as many for debuffing it. For those never having ran over an NPC(which they shouldn’t steal your crap, son! Pfft! lol). You end up not being able to make stuff. Which is really a pain in the ass. But also kinda makes sense when you really are depressed.

Kill anything and get that twinge of guilt for every critter killed based on a critter score like Kevin suggested. The character cares less about creature killing(not NPC humans, that was never my point) the more they do it and over time.

Doesn’t need to get much more elaborate. Perhaps the indifference slowly fades and the more “normal” omg I just killed a humanoid guilt comes back a little bit at a time? Assuming the toon isn’t killing as much as they were.

Not to kick off another debate. What I was arguing was, that there are a lot of situations that would not make a person a psychopath for not feeling guilt over killing something or anything.


i’ll stick with dev’s idea… sometimes dev team has better way to implement and fix the problem.


Yes. They do. Ignoring people, despite having a good contention :wink:


ayy i see there winking means :smile:

yea, i have once part of an indie RPG dev team and somehow ignoring few feedbacks is necessary.


Not angry or anything. I just like a good debate. But I still gave good info on the topic. I mean. Really, think about it. Not everybody that some folks THINK should feel bad WILL feel bad. This doesn’t make them the guy from The Shining lol



yeah… just want to see debate but in good positive way, not like those politic debate that always end up in WWE ending.