Huh. Well thats not especially remorssefull

So I’ve been slaughtering my way through the nearby school with my static AIs crossbow and knew that I was down around -2 penalty per for child zombie murders, so I go back in with my moral penalty dropping from -14 to -12 by the time I leave. Go to shoot the first Child zed of the day, get the steadiness maxed, (Esc) out of the aiming menu to see moral is now at -8. Shoot the zed and check it again (think I reloaded and shot again to finish zed in the meantime) Got the message for remorseful but the penalty is now at -2.

Do all the stacks for an hour get clumped together and removed simultaneously?

Maybe your toon is thinking about my side of that debate about these critters wanting to take your face off and he just didn’t care about the monster smack down :wink:

Did the child zed perhaps look like Billy, the childhood bully that slammed your head into a brick wall and you always wished you’d bashed his head into five times instead of the four you got in before the playground assistant caught you. SOB made it to state university, so nobody suffered brain damage. So sad

Eh, there might be a buff in it to counter the bad if it was Face scrunches into a look of pure loathing MM…BILLY…growl…lllllll