[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] Moral Issues/Feeling Guilty

It seems that the “Guilty about killing” moral penalty is bugged at the moment. Instead of getting a negative moral penalty like it was before, you’ll get a positive boost instead. I noticed it when I accidentally killed a cat with burst fire. I’ve tested it on zombie children as well, and the same thing seems to happen!

I noticed this too, upon killing a zombie child, I don’t receive the message “You feel terrible for killing a child”

Same here - the more child zombies I kill, the happier I get :smiley: - which doesn’t seem right :wink:

Actually just came on to post this problem (or evidence that computers are sadistic/evil and want you to kill children and kittens!) thinking it might be an isolated case. Guess not… too the school!

Getting the same thing seems to only apply to the "feel guilty about killing "

OT: Sigging this.