Regufee Center as Starting Scenario


A few Months ago when I played Cataclysm I was able to have the starting scenario be in a Refugee Center. I was very fond of this scenario and today I wanted to go back there.

Alas I was unable to figure out how to get this starting scenario, I only find the Evac Shelter, which is not the same. It seems as if this option has vanished.

Alternatively I wanted to edit the sceanrio.json file and create this specific scenario myself, however I was unable to load, for example “evac_shelter_6” form cdda/data/json/mapgen/refugee_center/refugee_center.json, perhapse I’m doing something wrong.

Can someone help me out in getting a scenario which places the character in a Refugee Center at the beginning of the game?

Refugee Center start already exists. Use the “safe place” scenario

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Oh really… that’s how it was called :o … well, I thought it was strange, I’ll try it out. Thanks a lot!

It must have been changed in the Danny experimental because I’m playing stable 0.D and it’s called “Refugee”.