Different starting scenarios

different start scenarios designed to be very hard, but very rewarding (most of the time you will die before finishing).

  1. prisoner: starts in a large prison loaded with zombies. lots of items nearby, but massive numbers ofmobs to fight through. you start in your cell. you might even have a zombie in the cell.
  2. priest: starts in a church. all his parishioners went zombie .even the flower girl, and choir.
  3. Soldier: you start in a military bunker loaded with zombie soldiers (need to beef him up a bit to get through the beginning)
  4. football fan: you start in the bathroom at Foxborough stadium. the stadium and the patriots team all went zombie.
  5. LMOE: you start ina lmoe shelter with some starter items, but there are a ton of baddies outside your shelter.
  6. apartment dweller: (when we get z-levels). you start at the tpo floor of your apartment. lots of apartments ot search, but no where to run

You have to remember that Cataclysm takes place 5 days (If I remember the timeline correctly) after first infection. So starting areas have to reflect that.
Maybe it’d be part of the points system. Evac shelter is 0 points. Starting in a cabin is -4 points. Waking up in your home after being knocked out (Middle of a town) is +5 points. It’d be part of character creation.
I dunno. I kind of honestly like starting in the evac shelter.

I like your idea.