Regarding the big military outpost

Is there anything that’s actually there? Aside from the bandits on the ground and above floors and the horde of zombie soldiers below. I don’t seem to see any loot, aside from the ones that the zombies drop.

Most of the loot is on the people and the hundreds of grenades and guns that are dropped by zombie soldiers I believe.

There might also be some CBMs and other military gear hidden around in various corners.

If I remember correctly, the bottom floor contains a storage area full of weapons and ammo. But yeah, the equipment of the fallen zombies is a huge reward in itself. They’re pretty high-level deathtraps though. LOTS of security bots and turrets, not to mention hordes of undead military folks.

Yeah, got a ton of loot from the zombies. Didn’t see anything else, though.

Pretty much just slashed through the soldiers. Same with bio-operators, though I had to use the dielectric capacitance system. Armored zombies got hit with the Barrett, while the grenadiers -hacks were shot down with the S&W 619… though at a certain point I just shot the grenadiers then ran away from the explosions.

There was a room at the bottom. Metal walls and inside had several armored zombies. There were glass cases inside, but there was nothing in them. Also spotted some safes, which also had nothing. Maybe it’s due to the item spawn rate set to .5.

I think the only item I found that wasn’t a drop from a zombie was in the ground floor, on a crate… a butcher’s knife.

Still, did get a ton of ammo from the zombie soldiers. Got several ammo belts of .308 ammo.

hell!!! if you name a tons of ammo as “no any loot” - then… hmm on this point my minds stopped.
i looted from most down level lot of nuclear battery (exact name i forgot, i disassemble power plant) - plutonium cells - that it.
and i pump up my internal bionic battery with this loot.
and lots of 8x40.

if for you this stuff is not pretty good for you, then…
"if a whore for a dollar is too expensive for you then you may go to hell!!!"©
yeah, you may go to hell