Are FEMA camps supposed to be so devoid of loot?

Managed to kill all the zombies in a FEMA Camp (except the 2 security guards behind metal doors and reinforced glass) and got very little to show for it, aside from the stuff dropped by the zombies themselves. Mainly got a few cans of food and MREs.

AFAIK, yeah, sometimes you get lucky and find something good on the lab that has some science zombies, or maybe some guns from the soldier/burner zombies, more than that, they are good to make blob feed if you have the mod that adds the slime parts. i think FEMA camps are more of a lore zone, like “the military made some camp zones to help the ppl, but this is how it ended”

Yeah, mostly looted already from the survivors that made it out it seems.

What did you expect to find there? It is just an emergency camp for civilians.


Guarded by soldiers. I expexted guns and ammo. But life goes on. Now I just know to steer clear of those.

Z soldiers drop guns and ammo there like anywhere else, but you should not expect finding a weapon storage there there.

There used to be a section of it that would some times spawn a weapons depot. Dunno if that was made rarer ir phased out