Refugee clean bay quest

I’m in the middle of the clean-up the back bay quest, and have bought help from the guards, but still need a couple more people. however my character’s speech check is terribble, so a lot of checks are failed. Do these checks fail. can these checks be redone after some time passes, or is there some other guaranteed way to finish the quest? Or has my character’s low social skill screwed over this quest line?

Edit: I have already completed the quest to kill the monsters in the back bay. However there is a follow-up quest to persuade people to clean up the back bay. It’s this follow-up I am asking about.

open door en chuck a grenade or two in there will couse most of the gaurds en NPC to come check out what is going on and then they will engage the zombies.

You can open up the back bay then lead the zombies out of there. Just be ready to get out of the way when NPC guards start firing on them. I lost a character to gun fire like this before. The gun fire will draw other NPCs and they’ll engage the zombies as well.

Unfortunately, it seems the previous two answers reply to a question not asked, i.e. how to clear the bay (with some dubious tactics that can kill off quests by getting the quest givers killed), rather than how to perform the quest to clean up the resulting mess.

As far as I know you’re screwed for the time being, as it seems you get one chance only with each potential recruitee. There’s been a suggestion to allow the beggars to be hired to assist with the cleanup, but, firstly, it isn’t implemented (yet?), and, secondly, that won’t work if the beggars are gone, which they can be.
Hiring guards seems to be something introduced since I made the quest quite some time ago that may have been introduced to improve the situation, but, if so, apparently not sufficiently to guarantee that you can succeed with it (again, assuming those people weren’t killed in the clearing out phase).

just bang a few chairs to attract the zombies attention, then let the gaurds handle it.
the screaming and gunfire will attract the rest of the gaurds

If I can only check once, is there a way to reset the checks through debug mode so I can try again with higher persuasion, or will I just have to use debug to set the mission to complete to move on?

Also, mission seems to have been changed. description says you need 5 people for the crew, and hiring guards gets you 3, so you need 2 successful persuade checks.

I don’t know. I assume it would be possible to hack the save game to remove the status that’s saved to keep track of people being asked, but hacking it incorrectly will probably break things (I don’t know what these variables are called either: you’d have to look in the JSON files defining the dialogue to find out).
I doubt you can get at these variables via the debug menu.
I’d hesitate setting the mission to complete, as it’s not impossible that would cause other things not to update correctly (like the state of the back room).

Note the high level of uncertainty in my guesses. If you decide to try, make sure to back up the save before you try.

I had to dig through the github, and edit the savegame file directly, but I managed to fix this. It hasn’t broken my save - yet - and seems fairly straightforward to do - at least compared to some other save game editing I’ve needed in the past. It lets you complete the quest if succeed on the checks. Though notably it gives the default “I don’t know what to say” mission response, which might indicate a problem. Also, is the completion of this quest supposed to alter any terrain? I vaguely remember hearing that, but have never done this before.

Here’s the steps I used, in case someone else needs it, or wants to investigate on their own:

  1. Make a backup of your save - editing a save can break your game, so make sure you can go back if you emss up.
  2. go to your savegame folder
  3. search the contents of the files within your savegames folder for the following phrase:


on linux (or windows + git bash) the following command will work:

grep -l "npctalk_var_mission_Boris_mission_1_cleanup_asked" *

on regular windows you can use notepad++ FindInFiles feature

  1. The previous command should have given you a single file containing the relevant value. This is file where the NPC flags for the refugee center are stored. open this file in your preferred text editor
  2. perform the following find/Replace all command as shown below

Find: “npctalk_var_mission_Boris_mission_1_cleanup_asked”:“yes”
Replace: “npctalk_var_mission_Boris_mission_1_cleanup_asked”:“no”

This will unset the relevant flags, and allow the persuasion checks to be repeated.

Edit: did a bit more digging, and while it looks like this is only a partial fix, given it seems to not trigger the proper dialogue, though I don’t see any item placement in the json beyond the Merch payment.

If I recall correctly, the bodies should disappear from the back bay, and I think some furniture was introduced, but I’ve very hazy on that.

I don’t know if the correct editing is to change the value in the file or whether it is to remove the section completely, i.e. I don’t know if the dialog variables are introduced into the save all at once or as the dialog proceeds.

It can be noted that Boris was broken for me both times I played the refugee center (different world and a fair while ago). The first time I never got the cleanup quest, and the second time there was a dialog after the quest where the dialog basically said to return in a while, but it never proceeded from that point despite returning and trying several times over several months. Someone who’s supposed to offer you a quest and sell you bread was broken as well, and never offered any dialog beyond hello/goodbye in the second run (no quest but trade in the first one, which may be a bug or may be because the quest might not have been implemented at that time, 0.E-0).