Refugee Center Quests: Clearing out and cleaning up Back Bay

So i got the quest where Boris is asking me to get people to help clean the back bay up so he can start building things back there. I talked to the merchant out front and negotiated 5 Merch for guard help, yet when i try to get the help from the merchant, or any of the guards, they give me the same options as before. And when i go back to the merchant to get the dialogue again, nothing appears. So what do i do?

Am i supposed to get every speech check right when im asking refugees for help? Or do i ask the merchant first for the Old guard’s help first and buy the help?

just set it in bright fire

when you talked to the merchant, you negotiated for the help a few guards. the rest are busy guarding.

I just opened the door and let the gaurds take care of it for free :joy:

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and you don’t even have to trick zombies into hitting their chickens first!