Refugee center - i mean underground under this center

is stairs in the refugees center go to somewhere?
do i need to dig down? can i see\found something on this floor?
or stairs in real not go to nowhere and there is no any floorsand just earth\mud\rock?

i teleport to the stairs and when i try to climb down - game says me what staris is blocked.

I don’t think there is anything there yet, it probrably might be implemented latter.

If you have an idea we’d love to see it implemented. A basic layout and NPCs strewn around would make it worth exploring, and Im sure somebody would be willing to make a quest to unlock that area too!

Id love to see people using the basement as a shelter if they proved trustworthy!

Would need to have turrets that are friendly to the NPC faction though. Which is something Ive wanted for a looong time.

I always imagined considering the topside people’s responses is that if you were to get in there somehow everyone who didn’t have a weapon would immediately flee and the that had weapons would immediately try to wreck your shit.