Refitting clothing

I think the system for refitting clothing should have it’s own button, on account that my toon gained the “tiny” mutation with all of my gear reinforced and creating new stuff builds it the wrong size and full health, hence disabling my ability to “repair” and consequently refit muh stuffs.

I’m just starting to get into how this code is all put together, so I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement, but it would totally be a huge feature for me.


Yeah. In fact, I had some shenangnians with duffel bags and quivers not being able to be refitted (PK’s though may have something to do with it), causing a lot of endurance issues.

Ya it’s really odd that resizing is tied to repair. It ought to be in modify. Items probably shouldn’t be tagged with “fits you perfectly” if it’s physically impossible to wear either, especially if the issue is the item is too small.