Recipe Books: recipe organization system

In essence, the suggestion is the following points:

[ul][li]Crafting menu gets a remembered-between-closing option “memorize recipe”, which allows one to craft from books without memorizing (and cluttering the crafting menu) if false.[/li]
[li]A new item, “Recipe Book”, gets added, which, when activated, presents player with the options to choose recipes to write into the book or name the book.[/li]
[li]Writing recipes into the book allows to choose memorized recipes for “unmemorization”, removing the recipe from memory while preserving it in the book, and overriding autolearn setting for that recipe.[/li]
[li]Recipes can be copied from other books, in which case option to unmemorize that recipe(s) isn’t shown.[/li]
[li]Visual display could show chosen recipes that are retained (or are referenced) in blue, while unmemorized would show in different, bright, color, with non-chosen recipes being dark gray.[/li]
[li]Forgetful trait could be modified to make characters with it occasionally forget crafting recipes, which would make it actually negative and not a free point for those who have much-maligned skill rust off. However, that would require either protection from forgetting autolearned recipes without associated books, or ability to recall a recipe through respective item(s).[/li][/ul]

This would allow players to avoid excessive clutter of crafting menus and practical requirement of using filtering, and establish specific zones for crafting through the use of thematic recipe books.

However, this is likely tremendously difficult to implement.

Infinitely simpler feature, a ‘hide recipe’ button that banishes recipes to a ‘hidden recipe’ tab, from whence they can be un-hidden. Does that do what you want?

Partially. Still allows to combat bloat and get the recipes I’ll never use out of sight, doesn’t allow to have dedicaded crafting stations with recipes only shown if player’s in the room.

Would be great addition to have while a daring hero of Code makes the books, though.

That sounds great, especially if hidden recipes don’t check for ingredient availability, speeding the interface up.

Hiding recipies would be awesome. Another suggestion: how about sub sub categories for example


Firearms (Guns that use regular bullets)