Crafting overdose

For a long time there are a lot of recipes in the game and for me it is a bad thing. I never use 99% of them, i don’t even know more than 30% of them, all that because they are so redundant and barely different, also simply there are too many to care.

Now my survivor reading books for days in his hummer and i just don’t know why. Yes, i have to reach certain levels to craft my favorite items, but every other recipes just unused, useless. I think the crafting menu is full with unnecessary recipes, used by few people or nobody at all.

Am i the only one with this problem? Would be not better to move most of them out to several mods and left few representative items and their crafting recipes in the game for every kind?

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Just because you don’t use them doesn’t mean no one else uses them.


I think one of the amazing things about this game is the kind of varied playstyles you can utilize, whether for practical or roleplaying reasons. There are definitely a ton of items I’ve never used and probably won’t thanks to how I play my character, all the same, I’m really happy they’re available as options? Like if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t access an item you’d normally use to survive, there are alternatives. It’s neat. Cluttery, I understand, but neat in my book.


And you can filter out those annoying ones, to not show up on the screen, so that’s not an issue.

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I’ll add that it can be fun to try something different every now and again, on the current play through I’m doing I’m forbidden from using electricity/modern vehicles etc and it’s been interesting finding new ways to get stuff done.


A game like this needs variety other wise whats the point.

its only like that to allow people to have flexibility. hard crafting isn’t all that fun.
plus you can always just use the filter option if you’re looking for something specific.
besides you shouldn’t even care about greyed out things if you’re crafting. only look at the stuff you need and don’t get distracted.

It can feel a bit overwhelming at times but the alternatives of too little can be just as debilitating, so you’re probably going to have to deal with it.
so you are probably in the extremely slim minority. after all, if you can remember all the keyboard shortcuts why is crafting an issue?


In addition to what the others have said, you can favorite, search and filter your recipies if you dont want to turn them off.

The only problem are multiple recipes for a same item. We’d have a bit less of clutter if we were somehow able to cram all 4 different soup recipes into one, for example.

There is a reason they’re all separate. For instance, there are multiple flour recipes – they’re different because each uses a different tool and therefore the time required to craft would be different.

Can’t combine them, currently. That’d be nice, but it’d probably be easier to implement a collapsible menu – so only ‘flour’ shows up until you expand it and it reveals the 3 possible means of making flour.


Well yes, I am aware there are reasons for the current layout. The collapsible menu sounds like a neat idea tho.

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Yep, I’m totally agree. There are recipes I never ever used in all the years I play Cataclysm (I suppose there are recipes never ever used by anyone except the author), and a lot of very similar recipes just clutter crafting menu. I simply hide them, thanks for this extremely useful option.

As they point, you can hide the recipes. I usually have not much trouble with the “clutter”, because I tendo to rely a lot on search… for example, if I need a tool with “fine-cutting” I can search for that quality to see what tools I know how to make. The only tab I regularly browse is “Food” as there are chances I discover a new way to poison my body with each ingredient I collect :slight_smile:. Even then, the most common food recipes (clean water at the beginning, dehidrate meat at mid game), I have them “favorited” for easy access.

So in short, there is a lot of options, but also is quite easy to search, and you won’t use them all in a single playthrough but may try them all eventually (although I personally can’t see myself playing a cannibal :sweat_smile:).

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I would like to say that a collapsible menu sounds fantastic.