Favorite Recipes and/or Marking recipes as inactive

Okay, so we all know that there are plenty of items in the game we know we’re never, ever going to craft on that character. There are also items we’ll end up crafting almost constantly.

I feel like it’d help usability substantially if we;

  • Added Favorite and Inactive tabs.

  • Made the crafting menu optionally open directly to said Favorites tab.

  • Allowed players to mark recipes as Favorites to appear in the Favorites tab.

  • Allowed players to move recipes to an Inactive tab when they feel a recipe won’t be useful to them on that character.

As a somewhat related suggestion, it would be handy if there was color coding in the crafting menu to indicate which recipes you’ve just recently unlocked or learned. It might be sufficient to highlight recipes with difficulties at or above your current skill level, providing at a glance information about which recipes are candidates for wasting materials, with a side effect of showing you which ones you just unlocked with that newly gained skill level. It does not highlight lower skill recipes learned from a book, but you get a message in the buffer so I don’t feel it’s as necessary.

Completely agree, not sure of it’d be easy or possible to do, but I do like the idea of being able to cull and move recipes.

Colour coding would be pretty handy for gauging risk in production, say…

Grey: 100% chance of success, too simple to provide exp.
Green: High (100%?) chance of success, still provides exp.
Yellow: 50-50 chance of success? Low risk of losing materials from failure though.
Orange: Same as yellow, but more likely to lose materials.
Red: Low chance of success, very high risk of material loss.

This is a GREAT idea!