Recharging station stop working

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Charging station is again stop working, I tried Recharg my UPS with the nuke battery, but charging station dosnt work, and it still costing car battery till empty.

Nuke battery? You mean with the advance ups? That sadly can’t be recharge through a recharge station, only normal batteries can. Nuclear batteries can only be replaced.

Not the advance UPS, Just the normal one with nuke battery, it has 10000 unit power, and yes it can rechange on the old version.

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Old version huh? You mean a pervious build CDDA?

Nuclear batteries aren’t supposed to be rechargeable. The fact that they were rechargeable in older versions was a bug that has been fixed.

Guys, I think I found where the problem is,

the new version, the ups no longer can fill the battery inside anymore, it change back to 1500 unit power, that’s the reason why I can rechange anymore.