Newb UPS question

So I have been trying to experimenting with UPS power supply. Note I am talking about the made item here: UPS and not a CBM.

I found some power armor, crafted the above UPS, put a large battery in it, shows 1000/1000. With this UPS held in inventory, I can activate power armor, and it drains the UPS. I can unload the UPS and put different large batteries in it. I can also place it in a recharging station and it auto reloads. All well and good.

I made a UPS conversion mod: UPS conversion and stuck it on a flashlight. Flashlight just says “batteries are dead” even with UPS in inventory, same setup as above. Flashlight cannot be reloaded, and it does not charge when in a station, but that was expected.

Any ideas what is going on?

The UPS conversion is from Cata++ and I don’t think its been updated to the new battery system, so it doesn’t work at all.

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Hmm OK then, it would seem to be at least wonky at the moment. I figured I was using it wrong, or it was only meant to be used off of CBM power or something.

I’ve set up a recharger hooked up to a Solar Panel, a Car battery, a small box on the charger and some vehicle controls to access it, but whenever I examine the controls to bring up the context menu to turn on the recharger? There’s no prompt, only ‘examine vehicle’ and ‘view controls’ which allows me to turn on cruise control.

Am I missing something obvious here?

I’m playing the latest experimental build (9634)

needs the electronic controls

You’re an absolute lad.

Many thanks!