Rebalance: Tool Qualities

I’d like to discuss a possible rework of the levels of tools to represent not just the quality of the tool itself but whether they’re:

  • improvised, skillfully crafted, or found
  • common, uncommon or rare
  • mobile, temporarily deployed, rooted to a static location.

I think this would give us a lot more ability to encourage both static bases (some car parts only being repairable with a built vehicle garage) and exploration (some especially difficult tasks may require tools that can only be found and brought back to base (not made), or require equipment tied to a single location similar to the auto docs)

My inital suggestion would be something like this:

1 - Bare minimum (you throw stuff on the ground and light it on fire so you can cook)
2 - Quick improvised environmental solution (digging a shallow pit and putting rocks around it to contain a fire and make it easier to cook and boil water)
3 - Constructed tools made from improvised parts (makeshift pot, improvised hammer)
4 - Proper crafted tools from custom made parts (survivor mess kit) + found normal quality old world tools
5 - Constructed Vehicular Workstations (RV Stove) + Found high quality tools you can’t create yourself
6 - Constructed Stationary Workbenches (you can build from scratch) + Found vehicular stations you can’t create yourself + Maybe Very rare portable tools you have to find (maybe 1 in a medium city in a safe found in a matching building matching that skill style)
7 - Constructed Stationary Workbenches (you can’t create from scratch, maybe construction includes some parts you have to find) + Special Immobile Workstations tied to special semi-common locations you can’t move (like in doctors office / garage / etc)
8 - Rare Immobile Stationary Workbenches only found in special matching buildings that are 1 per large city or less (like Hospitals, Labs, etc)
9 - Open to discussion - maybe like 8 but guarded by bosses or special challenges?
10 - Story Workbenches - these don’t spawn randomly but are part of the storyline locations and shouldn’t be used for normal crafting items

Part of the goal here is to support tension between having a home base and creating impetus to explore.

Tying higher level qualities to stationary workbenches that require found parts, encourages both scavenging and basing.

Having end quality gear require both the rare immobile workbench and other constructed work benches encourages you to set up a base and defend it in possibly hostile territory. These are natural places that encourage the player to establish npc factions and help them build a fortress enclave to defend those locations; and then to leave that faction behind (but allied) as they look for the next things they’re going to need

I’m definitely not in favor of special resources required for repair, as that makes a mobile play style painful. I’m perfectly OK with acquisition/construction of special vehicle parts or items requiring resources that have to be scavenged/found in difficult to get to locations: you can sit in relative safety in a base, but if you want these things (which you should be able to do without) you have to take risks.
I also would like to see stationary assets that are useful, but not critical, such as the ability to construct as well as find a garage with with built in lifting ability (I think that might be implemented as “furniture” tiles [not blocking movement] with lifting ability, simulating ceiling attached arrangements).