Standardizing Tool Qualities

Tool qualities are currently very ad hoc. Level 1 is just set to whatever the lowest tool that performs the task is and turns into Level 2 if a makeshift tool is implemented. And butchering works on its own completely different scale.

Standardized Tool Tech Levels and Quality Level:
Primitive 1 2 3
Makeshift 1 2 3
Standard 1 2 3
Professional 1 2 3
High Tech 1 2 3

This allows 15 slots. I would think that requirements would be based on the tech level and the quality level would provide bonuses. Not every tool quality exists on every tech level.

Missing tech qualities:
Makeshift Bullet Pulling - Pliers
Makeshift bolt turning - A long bolt with two nuts
Makeshift Tunneling - can forge standard sledgehammers but not makeshift pickaxes

Why do we need 15 levels, when /most/ things only go 1-3 to begin with?

You mean the difference between a cheap tool that will strip to one that won’t?

This would be negated if we had the quality metered as I mentioned in another thread. A standard 0-100 quality number on everything. It would save more time than making the differential in item names.

All items get a “Quality ###” and that number would be able to match up or not with crafting to tasks to durable nature before breaking etc.

It would cover a lot with just a number system.

I think you’re overcomplicating tools, personally. I could see an argument to make a semi-standard 1-5 quality rating for a bit more potential breadth(thus, say, making a stone knife a tiny bit more noticeably worse than a copper one, for example), but… stripping, breaking tools? This sounds really annoying and super finicky and not fun to play.

Again, I could see an argument for some standardization and increase in general breadth, but I don’t think it should induce some kind of drastic overhaul of the entire crafting system.

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We already moved from “storage units” on items to “liters”, I think abstract numbers are more confusing to new players then references to real world units and concepts. It takes a while to even learn that getting tools of different qualities is quite important, on top of the fact that some have ‘hidden’ uses in being activated beyond their qualities (saw through metal bars or cutting wire fence).

I’m in favor of showing current tool levels within crafting range (and what is providing it) on the inventory or @ screen whenever it is open, so players see that having “0 screwdriver” “0 hammering” is something they should work to increase.

Fragile tools that break up in being used would be a good addition, much like improvised lockpicks.

So tools could have a 1-5 tech level that mean something:
Primitive, Makeshift, Standard, Professional, High Tech

And added qualities like
Fragile - Shows item health at all times in inventory screen and can degrade
Powered - Requires a number of charges to maintain tool qualities
Fast - ‘X’ bonus, Reduces time in crafting for some crafts and other uses.
Rough - Potential to cause damage to objects it is used on (ex: rough bolt turning damaging tires, rough screwdriver damages 2x4’s)

So chainsaw would be powered and fast as it speeds up cutting down trees but uses charges (fuel or batteries or whatever). Maybe chainsaws and axes are also fragile (other name?) in that they require sharpening after repeated use.

Higher tech levels could have increasing “Fast” ratings as well or just improve output for something like butchering or % chance for removing CBMs.

Probably a better way in handling it. Quality and condition. Cheap breaks fast, while a good solid quality item will not get worn at all maybe?