The Future: Creating value in both Static Bases and Exploration, and balancing the tension between them

I think there’s value in creating an tension between having (desire/need) for a home base you return to and (desire/need) to get out there and see the world.

My underlying philosophy here is that true vitality comes from the ebb and flow of opposing forces pushing back and forth against each other. With an eye towards supporting different playstyles while encouraging diversity and trying new things.

If this sounds like a good idea to other people, I’d like to open a series of discussions about the direction we’d like to go with this

A discussion about some of the different playstyles, and what we can do to both support them and encourage you to branch out of just a single approach and try and mix in a bit of other styles

Things we can do to encourage static bases and make them valuable and interesting, with an eye towards the different play styles

Things we can do to maintain the desire to go out and see the world even as static bases become desirable, with an eye towards the different play styles

A possible rework of the levels of tools to represent not just the quality of the tool itself but whether they’re improvised, skillfully crafted, or found; common, uncommon or rare; mobile, temporarily deployed, rooted to a static location. I think this would give us a lot more ability to encourage both static bases (some car parts only being repairable with a built vehicle garage) and exploration (some especially difficult tasks may require tools that can only be found and brought back to base (not made), or require equipment tied to a single location similar to the auto docs)

Needless to say this would not be implemented before 0.F, but something we work towards after.

Originally based off this post from the forums

For those who don’t know there is a design document (WARNING: It will spoil all of the story for you)

My intention with this is to create a central thread for some of the ideas that would hopefully end up there, and to foster discussion between people who play and view the game from different perspectives

Looking forward to it/ I do agree with some of their ideas in the other thread talking about putting in NPC Traders that would encourage stationary bases