BRAINSTORMING: Chemistry recipes

Yes, yes. Cooking is like chemistry… except NOT. Sure, chemistry can help a bit with cooking, but you don’t need to pass high-school chemistry to be an amazing cook and likewise you can sustain yourself on a diet of burned frozen pizza as a world-class chemist.

The main reason chemistry is not it’s own skill is that there are no low-level recipes for it. It would be nice to change that, but for that we need ideas so to all of you who know a thing or two about chemistry; what are some things we can add into the game that would count as low-level chemistry experiments?

We need concrete examples with a list of ingredients and their possible sources.
For starters we could add morphine and heroin from mutated poppy. Also arsenic from cherry or apple seeds. Also nitroglycerin. And caffeine + caffeine pills.

Below is the list of current cooking recipes that fall under chemistry;

acid water
poppy sleep
poppy painkiller
poppy cough syrup
lye powder?
soap bar?
heat pack
zombie pheromone
liquid fertilizer
fertilizer bomb
smoke bomb
sprayable toxic gas
hemostatic powder
concentrated acid
antifungal drug
hydrogen peroxide
ammonium nitrate
acetic acid
black gunpowder
rocket fuel
sprayable fungicide
nitric acid
aluminum sulfate
low grade amphetamine
plastic chunk
neoprene sheet
antiseptic powder
antiparasitic drug
syringe of adrenaline
pink tblet
potassium iodide tablet
water purification tablet
blob glob
prussian blue tablet
concentrated hydrogen peroxide
sulfuric acid
ANFO charge
sugar? (maybe one recipe for cooking another for chemistry?)
oxidizer powder
mutagenic serum
plant mutagen
insect mutagen
spider mutagen
slime mutagen
slime serum
fish mutagen
fish serum
rat mutagen
rat serum
beast mutagen
beast serum
ursine mutagen
ursine serum
feline mutagen
feline serum
lupine mutagen
lupine serum
cattle mutagen
cattle serum
cephalopod mutagen
cephalopod serum
bird mutagen
bird serum
lizard mutagen
lizard serum
troglobite mutagen
troglobite serum
medical mutagen
plant serum
insect serum
spider serum
medical serum
purifier serum
alpha mutagen
alpha serum
elfa mutagen
elf-a serum
chimera mutagen
chimera serum
raptor mutagen
raptor serum

Smoke Bombs should be low level chemistry. Crack and meth aren’t exactly rocket science either from what I understand. Napalm and Thermite should probably have a lesser version, it’s not going to be military grade but I’ve seen drunken rednecks on youtube playing around with homemade thermite and jellied gasoline is dead easy.

Does the game already cover the fact that if you mix bleach and ammonia you get toxic gas? You’d need higher levels of fabrication to make some sort of delivery mechanism but pour them in a bucket and run (or wear a gasmask) while it makes a cloud of gas probably shouldn’t even need skill levels.

Edit: If we had an ingame use for Sodium Acetate I’d think that making something that’s described as “a fun experiment to do at home” would be a low level chemistry recipie.

Chemistry experiments for joy increase, like a children’s chemistry set toy or something is actually a solid idea.

Edit; And now that I come to think about it… Shouldn’t we be forced to learn chemistry from books or start with the skill? Is there really a need for low-level recipes? It would quite realistic to make chemistry something you should study before practicing.