Reading takes a very long time in 7.1

And i mean real time, not game time. I use SDL version on Cata 7.1 on win7. Can this time be somehow decreased, more like sleeping time ?

How is your intelligence? 10? 12?

my RL intelligence ? :smiley:

I have a char with 10 int i think, and fast reader, but what i mean it that it is not about game time, but real time. It takes too long to read. I don’t mind about taking 1 week in game to read a playboy, but i hate staying IFS waiting for my char to understand the purpose of meaning

Oh well, then.

it take about 3s between each “tic” of learning when you read so yeah it get quickly pretty damn long. it used to be way more faster before.

This should be fixed in the experimental build, assuming you use the regular windows version.

Try curses instead of SDL. Since 7.1, SDL has been extremely slow in my experience. This includes the latest experimental releases.

So the “stable release” is sdl or curses ?
because that’s the one i use atm

The stable release (as on the frontpage) is a SDL build.

Though i recommend to the experimental curses build, as it seems to run smoother atm.