Slowdown underground

Version: SDL 0.7.1 1-1078-g03bf205

There is some intense slowdown in movement in the latest experimental build when going underground (at least z level -1, haven’t tested other levels). Menus and other actions don’t seem to be affected. While in the basement of the evac shelter it was very noticeable. In a nearby LMOE shelter (lucky starting location, huh?), it became practically unplayable, taking several seconds to move a single tile.

do this happen during nights too?

Just tested waiting until night. The slowdown disappeared. Waiting until the next day and tested again and the slowdown was again gone. Tried creating a new character in the same world and a character in a freshly generated world and there was still no more slowdown. Weird. I guess problem solved?

I’m actually noticing some general slowdown in the curses version 7.1-11x.

It’s strange, curses always seems to work better for me than the SDL version.

It really just depends on your system for which one operates faster.

It really just depends on your system for which one operates faster.[/quote]

I use both, Curses on my latop and usually SDL on my desktop machine-- SDL doesn’t seem to recognize my laptop numpad, which I have to use because my laptop keyboard is missing the down arrow.
I’m beginning to notice some lag in curses on both systems.
Not noticed much difference in the SDL build though-- then again the SDL version always was faster.