Ranged weapon's maximum range is low


My maximum range on crossbow is 2 tiles, how to i fix this?

And some music for thinking whats the broblam:

Edit: also, dex isen’t the broblam as i was able to shoot far whit the same dex


The maximum range listed in the picture is 10. The range at which you will have 50% chance of a good hit is 2.

Longer range for both is needed, but since this game is developed in everybody’s spare time and the folks setting the workday schedule don’t allocate time for Cataclysm DDA devving who knows when it will be fixed.


So all hope is lost and i should spawn in a new crossbow?


New ranged weapon won’t help, all ranged weapons have horrible range until it gets changed in the code. Even sniper rifles have a hard time hitting someone across the street.



It’s because you have it set to bayonet. Press shift+F. Or whatever is the equivalent command to switch firing modes on mobile.


I just press . Unitil i have acceptable aim


Instead of firing the crossbow you’re trying to stab things with the bayonet, which is why it has a range of two tiles. You need to switch firing mode so you actually fire the crossbow.

Don’t feel bad, definitely something I’ve done before.


Is there any range/stat at which it becomes usable or is ranged fire nerfed all over?


A recent update roughly doubled the effective range of ranged weapons. They should be much better now.


Well that sounds good! At the ranges this game is played, any carbine shot even by a novice should hit a zombie head with 100% accuracy. Maybe 80% if it’s moving.


Yup, yer on Bayonet. So do as suggested to change the weapon…else you could throw it and use it similar to a spear. I’ve done this in a last ditch to lose weight and I actually impaled a zom through the head and killed it lol