Ranged weapon's maximum range is low

I was wrong about that range estimate.

What kind of shenanigans is this? 1,000 tiles? You serious?

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At two feet per tile that’s about 600 metres, which is perfectly acceptable for a sniper rifle.

But in terms of game-play balance it’s shenanigans. Does the game even load new areas at 1,000 tiles away?

Not yet, but that’s why I have a project set up to track progress toward it https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/projects/10.

A little optimization here, a little scene culling there, and before you know it we could get there, or at least reasonably close.

It’s pretty likely we’ll end up only being able to load a 300x300 area or so (5x bigger than it is now), but the rest will be made up by the planned sniping feature, where you dynamically load surroundings when you aim at something outside the reality bubble.

It’s all pretty far off, but I don’t see a reason it couldn’t work.

Hmm… I imagine walking your viewpoint 1,000 tiles might take a while. Or if you’re using view mode, the amount of enemies listed when you’re in an open field. Otherwise, I like the idea. Just not sure about the functionality.