Weaponrange of the Ruger 10/22

Hi folks.

I would like to see the the range of the Ruger 10/22 raised. At this moment its only 13.
In RL this thing shoots 100m with no problem…


TL;DR Weapon ranges are compressed due to the limitations posed by the reality bubble to maintain any difference between the ranges of different weapons.

Yes i know, but 13 spaces is very low.
In CDDA its nearly the length of a house.
I think you should be able to shoot at least 30 spaces with the Ruger.

Also the ranges for the low tier bows are not good enough imho.
Shortbow only shoots 10 spaces. With my own RL shortbow i shoot 25m. And i am not aiming in the sky…

kevingranade: You have to remember we’re treating 60 tiles as much longer than 60 meters for guns
Tox: Oh that’s not potentially messy at all
Tox: What sort of ratio is at play?
kevingranade: Somewhere between 10:1 and 15:1
kevingranade: We want to pretend 60 tiles is approaching max rifle range, which is ballpark 1,000 yards

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1 tile equals 10m RL?
Damn, the houses in CDDA would be 100m long in RL…

Edit: Ahh, only for guns… :disappointed:

Again from me, the range… look…

M16 → 36
Ruger 10/22 → 13
Longbow → 18
Shortbow → 10

Imho would be better:

M16 → 36
Ruger 10/22 → 28
Longbow → 21
Shortbow → 18

Why not push the m16 out to 45 or 50 if we’re going to go that far? Doesnt it have an effective range somewhere around there? According to someone?

Why would it be better? I’m not dogmatically defending the status quo, but you have to give something other than a gut feeling when it comes to stuff like this, especially as the reality bubble is a major obstacle to work around and weapon ranges are pretty controversial. Why is current model overall wrong, or is there specific cases of outliers?

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The main purpose of the Ruger 10/22 is for small game hunt.
But with a range of 13, you can never hit a rabbit etc. It will always flee before you have a chance…

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Quite a good reason, honestly, but lots of things have to change purpose after the Cataclysm made any unsilenced gun mostly a way to summon a horde of hulks to your position. I’ve been working on my own oddball solution to the reality bubble issue, maybe someone else would be interested.

It introduces a new stat called “noticability” to every item, which is essentially the square of the maximum distance at which an item can be seen. A cubic meter sized object that isn’t emitting light would have a noticability of about 2.16e08 square meters, for example. Each turn, each object’s noticability is divided by the square of the distance to the player character’s eyes (along with other adjustments for things like blocked line of sight, incandescence, camouflage, and movement), and the objects are sorted according to this single-turn calculated noticability. Only the top 1000 (at 20 Perception) most noticable items are treated as if they fully exist (can be seen, interacted with, targeted with guns, etc.) while the rest are effectively “outside the reality bubble” and not affected by anything the player can do.

CDDA is libre, you can edit the JSON files to your heart’s desire (e.g. by raising all gun ranges to 60 tiles or more).

What will be reset everytime you download an update.

Commit it and then rebase on update. That way they will not be reset.

You can also overwrite the stats with a mod that will not be overwritten.