Can somebody explain this?

so i was playing on latest build (build 9873, which fix zone crashing on my game session) and i found this road blocked by military and i found this to be illogical.

how am i supposed to deal with this turrets if they have a much bigger range than my weapons is? those blood marks near my character is how far the turrets can hit me while my weapons can only aim around 15 tiles (short-medium range) which is insane.

Since zombies follow people and noise and people and noise tends to be on the road it’s only logical to put defenses or choke point on roads. They’d also probably do this sort of thing if they wanted to screen cars for infected or contraband.

Nothing stops you from going around, you know. Or building a ramming vehicle with double layer/tile non-see-through armor at the front.

Also heavy crossbow. The thing’s basically a mobile siege engine I carry around for turrets and hulk sniping alike.

well i know that roadblocks has some weapons loot i needed but the turrets now has effective range of 50 tiles. which is basically… a dang sniper turret.

wait till night time

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thats basically the solution, at night then you can kill them at range

is a crossbow? i thoght the best crossbow was the compund one, or you mean the ballista?

If there is a ballista I’d like to find it. My knight playthrough needs some wall-breaking firepower. But yes, there’s a slow-reload long-range powerful crossbow. Certain high quality bolts will increase its range to sniper comparibility too from my experience.

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Blazemod (Vehicle Additions Pack) has one Scorpion Ballista and it might actually not be overpowered in your case if Magiclysm lacks vehicles with turret mounts.

is blazemod maintained?

Absolutely not - it’s been largely untouched for years.

Ok, that is what I thought, though Featherball’s statement had me wondering if someone else had picked up the mod while I was away.

Expect lot of broken things and errors especially anything involving vehicles

AFAIK devs actually update mods included with the builds. I’ve been using it with the last stable (0.C), then with 0.D-5017-g12d8b7a, then with six builds starting from 0.D-7838-gca17316 and until the most recent and never had any problems in either of the cases. Granted there isn’t that much stuff in the mod and things like wheel assemblies are automatically added to vehicles that lack them, for example. The only thing I can think of is “NON-FOULING” flag missing for weapons that should reasonably have it.

wow, thats nice to know. Thanks.

allright, i think night time is the only condition i need to try it out…

Its worth searching Hunting shops to find some light amp goggles, it makes dealing with turrets a lot easier.

absolutely kind of! I look in on blazemod and keep it up to date on major vehicle code changes, but the blob stuff isn’t well maintained.


yup… just tried night time and still got killed long-range by the turrets…

oh well, might start the game as Military Marksman then.

Nice :smiley:
I should try playing with blaze mod sometime.