Random side mention about a badge

Apparently I recently got the badge, ‘Appreciated,’ and noticed that at least half of the other people that have gotten are others that I recognize talking to in previous encounters, in some cases quite often. If anyone wants to know the specific people, here they are:
-psyxypher (However the heck you say that)
-kevin.granade (Figures)
-ShadowDragon8685 (I think so anyway)
9 out of the 17 that showed up.

In general, go here https://discourse.cataclysmdda.org/badges, click on a badge, then click on the “Others with this badge” button at the bottom of the description, i.e. https://discourse.cataclysmdda.org/badges/36/appreciated
Feel free to treat getting all the badges as a competition :smiley:

Well, yes, I looked at that particular place and that’s how I found out who had it in the first place. 17 people show up in there, nine people I recognized showed up. Even though that information is useless to me since I figured it out myself, I still appreciate the kindly mention of it.