Random lockup

Here’s what happens: Upon performing some benign action, the game simply stops. It doesn’t crash, it just stops. Inputs cease to function entirely and the only options I that work are minimize, maximize, and close. No crash log is generated, and the game does still appear to be running, but the screen is completely frozen. This also occurs regardless of if mods are in use or not, and occurs more often with more complicated actions. attempting to start vehicles tends to trigger it a lot, as does searching bushes.

I’m also sort of inclined to believe this might be something on my end, as none of my friends are experiencing this :confused:

Next time it happens check how does cpu and memory usage for the process change.

Ok, just did that. CPU usage drops to 0% but memory usage locks at whatever it was (in this case, 117.9MB) and does not decrease or increase.

That means it probably locks up during input handling or animation - all other lockups should have much higher usage.
Do you have animations on? Can you reproduce it with something animating in the background, for example debug-forced rain with animations enabled? Does the rain stop when the lockup triggers?

It’s probably an invisible debug message that can only be cleared by SPACE.

It’s difficult to reproduce quickly, simply because of how randomly it occurs. I’m playing with animations on, and when the lock occurs, all animations stop.

I think I’ve narrowed it down. I was simply walking towards a car to try and start it to try to get the game to lock up, when the game locked up. I had done nothing more than take a step. It’s hard to tell, but I think it occurred when the weather changed naturally.

I’ll try that next time and see what happens.

Edit: It’s not related to the weather changing. Might have another error that could be related. A map gen error that occassionally appears. Something about being “The following special could not be placed: Cemetery_Religious” Sometimes it just says “The following special could not be placed:” without any special location being displayed at the end of the line. That error also appears regardless of whether mods are in use or not.

There have been various errors with that cemetary lately, as i have seen on the forums. Can’t find the threads though. Better check that up! Won’t fix your stuff, but may help.

Aya, I found the github commit that coolthulhu made to fix the graveyard thing.

As for this lockup, I havn’t had it happen again since I set the game to autosave every now and then in the options. As a side note, I noticed that the memory usage was climbing during gameplay, as is normal (I think), but whenever an autosave occured it would clear and reset the memory usage.

I would take a guess that the game slowly adds everything you do to a pile of what it has to save, and when you do save, it throws it out the window as it does not need it anymore! Just a guess though.