DEBUG: add_zombie: there's already a monster at ... Press spacebar

DEBUG: add_zombie: there’s already a monster at 9.345
Press spacebar …

I keep getting this message after riding my scooter for a while, and the game freezes after I press spacebar like it says. This happens in many versions including the one I just got from git b5e9d08.

I’m not sure what the cause is, but from what I see it only happens when driving.

Zeds are probably getting back up, or if you’re in dynamic it’s trying to spawn a zombie on top of an existing one. Nothing to be worried about (Well, form a bug standpoint)

Ok, I think I found how to unfreeze it. I have to press the spacebar many times before the game responds again.

Yeah, it’s not frozen it’s just spamming the messages.

OR hold spacebar, its easier on your keyboard

Alright, I guess the whole problem was just debug messages spamming. Holding spacebar seems to clear them.

If possible I’d love if it’d just give me the messages stacked instead of reporting them piece-by-piece.

“Debug: Blah blah blah blah blah x22” and I hit spacebar once, would be better than setting my character to sleep and getting buggy messages that requires a solid 2 minutes of holding down the spacebar to clear. lol

I usually can’t tell if I had a really buggy moment that is over, or if the game is locked up.