Game Hangs entering a particular city

It’s not crashing, it’s locking up and never coming back. Eventually Windows asks if I want to wait or end, and no matter how long I wait it doesn’t come back. It dies silently, nothing in the debug log since the initial world load…no clue what’s causing it. Anyone have an idea?

From a programmer’s perspective… This is probably caused by an infinite loop.
The first bug I’ve run into (and suggested a fix for) was caused by one.

If you upload the save somewhere, I can take a look to see if I’m able to find the cause.
Or I can send you a direct message containing my email address and you can zip the save and send it to me that way, if you’d prefer that.

I’m not good at this type of bughunt and I’m having problems with building the game currently, but I can give it a try. Just… don’t expect any wonders.
If you want to increase your chances for a fix, it might help to publish the save along with a bug report on the game’s github.

@Grimm_Spector, I’m unable to find any issue related to that on Github made in the last few days and you didn’t answer if you’d like me to take a look at your savegame.
Was it fixed in one of the last updates?