Silent lockup and crash - inventory related

I’ve been seeing this issue, off and on, for about two weeks. At first I thought it was Z-levels related, but I started a new game without Z-levels and its still happening.

What happens is that there are certain tiles in my base that cause the game to silently lockup and freeze. Not all the time, but sometimes, especially if I do advanced inventory operations near them (or sometimes if I drop things on them). The game stops responding to controls and eventually crashes.

It’s somewhat random. There are no debug messages associated with it. It’s not 100% reproducible.

I know this is a terrible bug report. I’m really sorry. I’d welcome suggestions on how to make this a more useful bug report.

For what it’s worth, this appears to be related to the broken vehicle construction bug. I had several failed attempts to start a vehicle in my map files, and I think something bad was happening. I removed them by hand from the new game and that seemed to resolve the issue.

I have been having Game freeze crashes that sound similar. I think 100% reproducible if I try to (B)disassemble a pair of Compression Shorts. As of gac41eee

If you’ve got a reliable reproducer, you should post a save.

Did you try to create a vehicle at or near the tile in question?

I didn’t notice any tiles that seemed questionable. Just didn’t seem to be allowed to make a wooden cart… The Disassembling of the Compression shorts happened in a different location At least 15-20 map tiles away…? Probably. It was also the only article of clothing in that pile (threw all my clothes on the same tile) that made the game freeze when I tried to disassemble. (not even a Force quit notification or anything. Just acted like it was a long lag like reading a map… and then no signs of anything.) Only tried twice before I decided not to (B) disassemble compression shorts anymore.

If it would be of help to you guys how would I send you the save? Havn’t deleted that world, or progressed far since and know the room that each of the two events happened. (different rooms)