Disappearing Map and NPC Crash

1st bug: Started a game, explored a little, saved the game in a house. When I loaded the game up later, my only understanding of the world was of a small area immediately around the house.

2nd bug: Got an NPC to follow me, had them teach me one skill, asked for more training, selected the “more” dialog option, game crashed.

I also got the map bug when I save then reload the map My explored area just vanishes
yet when I start a new character (without quitting the program) I can see the explored area of my previous “survivors”.

i’m assuming this is with .5 and npc’s turned on. unfortunately I believe NPC’s are still quite bugged and may be the source of most of your issues.

Yeah I had that one happen to me. But I went a fair distance out of town it auto saved I figured I’ll come back later. Come back later noticed my map is unexplored run back to where my safe house was to check on my stuff. Yeah all my stuff was gone. XD