Random Character Skills bug

Version: 0.9 stable
Operating System: Windows xp

I found a bug in the random character option. It seems that it does not pick random skills anymore, it also does not pick random professions. It could also be that I’m just unlucky and always get no skills and unemployed. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Um, you know we’re almost at 0.A and 0.9 is pretty outdated?

I’m nearly sure it got fixed.

Lol, DL the experimentals. But since we’re just at 0.A, just wait about a day.

I am sorry I did not know. The download link on the main site did not work so I checked the forums for what seemed to me the latest version. apparently this was not the latest version(or can’t you play 0,A yet I am not sure)

The experimentals can be downloaded on the main page. The latest stable is often extremely outdated due to the insanely fast paced development.

If you’d like to know exactly what’s going on, consider going to the github at www.github.com/cleverraven/cataclysm-dda . That site has more than enough information on what’s planned and what’s going on.

Using a lot of random generation for testing purposes I can confirm it has been fixed. Thanks for reporting. And welcome to cataclysm. May your meat remain fresh, and your mutations good.

Lets keep the snark inline people. And use it for the regulars ;).