The character customization in 0.4 git version

Today i downloaded the git version of the game,and spotted a pretty weird bug.While scrolling the skills screen,if i scroll one text down from cooking, cataclysm crashes.The skill that is after cooking is construction,so i guess there is some bug associated with it.I have tried it 3 times so far and it seems to always crash on the same spot (cooking-construction). Also, i am on window.

Meant windows.

I also downloaded the new Git today. Just tested it and got the same crash. On a related note, the Dodge skill is missing from my @ screen.

EDIT: Yesterday’s Git doesn’t have this problem.

My bad, I think this is addressed by fcaa32ec5c
I was cleaning up some crazy in the code, and my first attempt didn’t get all the crazy out.

FYI, if you’re builing from git, there’s now a version number that displays under the banner on the title screen. It will be super helpful to paste that version number into bug reports.

From a user perspective, the Git versions look identical. Everything from Mozilla’s zip download tag to the version number you described (0.4-Git) is the same. The only way I can tell the difference between my two versions is that one has the dodge skill and the other doesn’t. I also have no way of telling when it’s getting updated.

I’d love to help beta test, but there’s only so much I can do without organization. Some direction would be helpful as well, if I had some idea which bits of code have changed or what you think might be buggy. An appropriate place to post results would also be helpful.


Aah, there’s an unfortunate issue with the zip archive, github makes a snapshot of the code at some point, and we have 0 control over when that happens, so if you have a recent issue, I have no idea when you’ll get the fix for it if you’re working from the zip archive.

The version string should look something like 0.4-996-gee92ac5
To break that down:
0.4 is the most recent tag, which in this case os 0.4, and ooold, this only changes when we release.
996 is the number of commits since the tag, this will (ahem, usually) steadily increment, and can more-or-less be treated as a sub-version number, but if there are development branches being referenced, there can be multiple different version of the code with the same number.
gee92ac5 is a git hash and VERY uniquely specifies what version of the code you have.

In fact that last number is the only one that’s useful at all for development, the other two are just helpful to see what version it is in very general terms.

Checking out the commit history is a pretty good place to start. Or the closed pull requests, although that has less detail.

Essentially, those two places are a way to figure out what was recently changed. And, of course, the things that have recently changed are also the things that are likely to need testing.