Why don't random characters use the amount of initial points from settings?

I set it to like, 20 instead of 6, and I still like to select play now, to keep myself guessing. Why doesn’t the character have the initial 20 points of stats instead of the norm?

Mainly because the random character functions are all back from before the point selection option existed, and nobody has gone through to update them to utilize the option setting yet. If someone were to do so it would almost certainly be merged post-haste.

Yeah, random characters are a bit outdated right now. They’re afraid of professions and (like you said) ignore skill point changes. I think they work with new traits and skills, though (?).

Here’s a proposed fix:

Awesome. Much obliged. Hope this gets merged.

Wow. Such random.
No, really, well done. This will be really fun to try.

There you go.