Game Crashing in Character Creation>Skills>Survival, etc. (v.6790 Experimental)

Not sure if this is common with experimental(s) and thus not worth reporting, that’d it get fixed soon anyway.

So I uploaded my ‘config’, ‘mods’, and ‘worldoptions’.!wzoFWTQS!y-GDwrttfTurgVG_bUkgqEXNPFECpzm27K2WkETmYuw!4vgxFBja!TRT9sf7OWIo2jtgfaOyke32Y1VS5hKDpXE8aCDIFOjI!BrR3naTa!VA-Yzmd_SE7--S-qTYVughcAeXeAVwfx9s6rAT8er0Q

W7 SP1 64 bits

Yeah that is know

you only option seems to roll back some versions.

Looks like they are working on a fix.

Fix merged, thanks for reporting it.