[bug]skill rust off - not working

even with skill rust on 2 - off, my char still loses skills, esp. during sleep. It’ s like selecting 0 - vanilla skill rust, only i have selected 2 in options menu. Game version - 0.7.1 - 166 - g6fb9379

not sure if this is the case with g6fb9379, but with the latest versions skill rust now has more options. it goes up to 4 now, with 4 being the best option in regards to absolutely no skill rust.
made the mistake of just quickly throwing it on the usual “2” and suddenly noticed my skills degrading due to 2 now being “intelligence based” instead of “none at all”

You did probably get the build with the outdated description for that option…

yeah, description covers 0, 1 and 2 only. I’ll try the last build.