Random bunches of rope appearing with random junk in my apocalypse

Why is this happening?
Its like a freaking rope wizard is rope teleporting things. I find this displeasing.
Build 9199 Experimental
modlist : “dda”,
“Arts’ Guns”,
Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo
make it stop q-q


I have seen these as well. I don’t think I’ve ever found them indoors, usually alongside the road or an empty lot.

My assumption has always been that a vehicle failed to spawn, and that it dumped seatbelts and stuff (which are ropes) on the ground. Usually a tile or two in front of a jack/tire item, which I assumed were trunk items.

I don’t know why this happens, really, and the fact that you found it indoors makes me question my original assumption.

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Ive seen a good 10-15 instances within one city now…not always car related junk with them.

There is either an issue or pull request recently about this. Evidently what’s happening is when enough cars spawn on top of each other they smash each other and eventually the game gives up on spawning them. The cars themselves never appear but the pieces that broke off of them including evidently lots of rope do so that’s what you’re seeing here.


I should also add that this phenomenon may be also causing vehicle related crashes when exploring.
“Unable to spawn vehicle “vehicle_id” on (x,y)” or some such.
It is rare but it happens approx once per city.

I always assumed this was another reference to something, loads of times I’ve gone into a town and found areas with loads of short ropes just randomly laying around.

I’ve had that happen to me too before where ropes appear in my house.
I figured they were just leftovers from zombies smashing curtains