Radio Stations

I’m wondering if radio stations have any use. I recently ran into one that has a working console but it says the station is not receiving enough power. Can i do anything with a working station and if so how do i power it?

I recall something about a lab being able to locate any nearby radio towers, but that is it as far as I know.

Besides the working console, the only thing I know of is that they often (always?) have the weather data book you need for an NPC quest.

Purely hypothetically, connecting a fully charged truck battery or 10 to the station might do something? Or a solar panel array? And by connecting I mean constructing one right next to the antenna or the console or something, including vehicle controls. There might be something in the vehicle construction options. Jumper cables might play a role, too. I wouldn’t hold my breath with any of this though. Usually power comes from generators, which need fuel, but I can’t think of a generator… Don’t military outposts have plutonium generators now? Can you eventually construct any sort of generator with the right skills and equipment? (other than solar panels)

There’s no content associated with radio stations right now (other than the weather transcript).
They just sit there transmitting.

Acidia made an npc quest that uses radio stations.

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