R.I.P. Jayson Lewandowski

This one had potential…great start with a secure base of operations inside a gunshop. I spent hours outfitting this one with loot from the surrounding buildings. I got kitted out n had a nice little bicycle I was rolling along slaughtering everything I could n outrunning the rest. Filled up on loot, found a new car and so I decided to head back. As I rolled up to the building, I turned on my flashlight for a couple turns to make sure the entryway was clear then shut down the car.

I was 3 steps from my door, 3 steps from the car, too. A brute came blitzing around the corner n caught me before I got inside. After knocking me into the side of my brand new car n shattering the windows n god knows what else with my body, it watched for a moment while I stood up. I started running, hoping to circle around to the back door, but as I was passing the alley the brute had come out of, a glob of acid spit shot out, dousing me from head to toe, along with creating a huge puddle on all sides. The pain stunned me, I got caught by a fat zombie who grabbed me and that was the beginning of the end. The brute tossed me into a crowd of kids and crawlers (thanks wanderspawns) and I eventually died in a puddle of acid surrounded by little pissants while the spitter and brute watched from the sidelines.

I regret turning on my flashlight, so much.

Kill List:


Any knowledge to be shed about what “experience” and 2 points means?

Finally testing the labs a few weeks now. Still mulling over old versions.

I believe it is stats through kills mod.


It is stats through kills mod, the experience is your current one based on how many mobs have you killed.
the points avaible are the points you can use to permanently increase one of your stats