Quick faction camp question

ok so more just a clarification
you can make the trench for defense and yeah that makes sense but what was the end goal of it?
were you supposed to be able to build it into a palisade? what was the intended method of getting over the ditch and into/out of the camp? yes I use a one frame “vehicle” with a board as a “drawbridge” but surely that wasn’t the intended use?

if you mean pits, then planks work just fine. examine a pit with plank in your inventory, and there will be an option to make a “bridge” from it

yes but what was the overall intention? it seems odd to wrap your base in fortifications with no way for you or your companions pat them. was there an intended upgrade that never came to fruition? some way of defending the base without leaving a permanent weak point such as a plank over the pit?

You put the plank down when you want to leave, then you pick it up.

I’d like to have actual drawbridges, but my one attempt to code actual drawbridges did not work well and I haven’t had a chance to go back and revisit now that I’ve got better ideas how to do it.

The intent for the trench around the modular field basecamp was to mimic the trench around the primitive field basecamp. The point of the trench around the modular field basecamp is lost to acidia’s original design.

If you want to add a palisade, I’m pretty sure you can add construction missions entirely in JSON at this point so go ahead.

I mean couldn’t you add a “bridge” that works with the code from the pallisade gate?
and for a de facto bridge just put a vehicle frame with an aisle and Grab it into place