Questions, questions and questions

  • The NPC ever “refill quest”?

  • There is a way to do that “refill” quest via “touching” files?

  • One of my NPC suffer pain and sleep a lot. He as cow mutations. How I can stop the pain?

  • Is all that huge pain from “chemical imbalance”? (dont remember name in english)

  • Why that NPC sleep that much?

More question later.

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As far as I know, NPC’s dont get new quests in the latest experimentals. You can give them more quests via the debug menu ( the ` key, then d, then edit missions). You can stop the pain via painkillers, its possibly injuries he gets from zombies or wildlife. The NPC sleeps pretty often since he most likely doesnt sleep regularly, and is asleep 1/3rd of the time.

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I know all that, except the debug thing. Thanks for that one.

No, she sleep ALL the time, most times stop follow and found back sleep in is track, look like some sort of bug with the “traits for NPC” mod.
Also, same mod add “Chemical Imbalance” to this char, and thats a know cause of pain. But Its just too much pain and sleep.
A pity, love to find mutated NPC.


Lucky. I have that mod active and I’ve never seen a single mutated NPC…


Annoying “NPC item dupe” solved!
Thanks for the hard work.

Edit: Can someone explain what happen with the recipe for the 20 tons lift?
I think its “steel boom” or “steel bar”.


Boom crane, but that’s for a vehicle.


Yes, but there is a component thats is no longer in the menu, I think is called “steel bar” and description say “lift 20 tons”. That one is missing the last updates.


I’m guessing you installed a mod that adds it.

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I remove the mod that add foldable! Never suspect was that.

  • But how I change the tires? It ask for a “lift tool” that surpass the one of 8T.

  • The problem of NPC that cannot sleep is a bug or a feature? (pictures above)

  • The recipe is back! I found a book and now is in the list again. Was not the “foldable” mod the culprit. Wonder whats happens.


Yeah, that ones just makes a whole lot of existing parts foldable (generally at the same volume as the part they are made from or bigger), primarily as a stop-gap measure until shopping carts and such can be picked up and put into other vehicles WITHOUT folding them. Unless someone else has changed it since I made it, that’s ALL it does.

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Two more:

  • I m using 8801. I read there are dog armor now. This render DracoDog mod unnecessary?

  • My mod list include:
    M_Agent_Bandits-master re-modified by Malkeus
    M_Jury_Rigged_Robots-master re-modified by Malkeus
    The question: Need edit something? Load order?
    Only 2 errors loading. One about harvest and bandits, the other something about the dogs.
    I prefer dont start a new game, the last one spawn near a museum and end with a Zweihänder and a loincloth from day one :stuck_out_tongue:


Add a "harvest" line to the creature making that error.

"harvest": "human"

I don’t know the other one, but if its the same problem, do the same :stuck_out_tongue:

"harvest": "mammal_tiny" - for doggos


No load order, no monster list? Thats great!
Thanks for answer.


I was looking for last experimental and there is [ ] 2019-05-01 11:02 86M
ready for download but Jenkins show version 8881 still compiling?
There are more branches now? Is just an error?

I m really curious about this, then: Bump