Questions about some bionics


Railgun CBM is pretty fun.

The downside is that whenever I use it, I start hearing some anime jingle playing in my head.

Railgun CBM and EM CBM would be fantastic… if the EM CBM just had more range. It’s a great tool for “close range” ranged combat, but beyond that it just won’t work. Then again, it’s still a very powerful tool.

I make the police baton noise every time I snap the police baton open or closed. XD …and have been known to occasionally try to ‘sing’ dubstep…

This is a fucking great idea. If I ever play a loincloth-clad barbarian who uses throwing knives and axen in lieu of guns, I might just have to have her install this CBM.[/quote]

Thanks for the idea. :’) This’ll be sweet.

wat[/quote]It’s rare as ovaries, johnson.

It would be neat if you could smash the windows in a gun shop (leaving the bars up), then activate the electromagnetic unit to pull the ammunition through the bars without having to enter the store.