Is the electromagnetic unit supposed to be harmful now?

Just noticed that the electromagnetic unit also damages the survivor using it, as a steel plating almost broke my survivor’s arm. Don’t recall that ever happening in old versions.

Pretty sure that’s a bug, most likely caused by incorrect range calculations failing to terminate the projectile under owner’s feet/1 tile before, instead treating it as projectile all the way.

That’s so cool. Randomly hitting yourself with stuff. I can imagine after playing with the electromagnet thinking I know what I was doing and next I thing I know ping a watch smacks my ear.

It’s lucky that there wasn’t a super-heavy object like an engine, at least. That would probably cave in whatever body part it hit, since those can one-shot shoggoths.

I noticed it earlier, but didn’t really think it was odd. Gathering nails and nothing heavier besides some pipes. Thought the messages of getting hit was something in old versions and I just forgot about them.

I hope this becomes a feature.

this hurts after you disassemble a vehicle, i don’t remember it being too bad though.

Tried to crowd control a group of secubots in a lab finale with this. All the scrap metal almost killed me.


I chuckle when I read it