What does the bionic systems mod from noctifier adds?

The title says it all.

It seems to add an Ion/Emp Bionic, along with a Bionic Razor tool and a new profession. It also says it re-balances some stuff, but I don’t know what.

Any idea what they do?

The EMP cannon is used for EMP purposes, like taking out turrets, while the Ion cannon is like Iron Man’s chest cannon. The Surgeon Knives have high cutting, specifically cutting 1, fine cutting 5, butchering 50, cut 10.

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I’ve been using the emp bionic and its kind of confusing. If I’m right next to a robot, it tends to damage/kill it - which more often than not causes them to explode violently, which is bad. I kind of hoped it would stun robots, but that is not the case.

Its aim/range is completely unclear as the emp bionic just asks you what ‘direction’ you want to fire in, and displays no effects at all, so I don’t know if its a cone, a straight line, or just an adjacent square or what.

What I do know is that its mostly a bad idea to use it, unless you like being caught in explosions. Whatever its range is, it seems too short to be effective. I generally prefer emp grenades.

The Directional EMP or EMP Cannon? Yeah, the Directional EMP is almost useless, because the majority of robots explode on death regardless of what kills them. And you need to be adjacent to the robot to kill it with the Directional EMP. There are only a handful of robots that don’t share this behavior: The various Hacks Series (best not to risk it with them), Police and Riot Bots (too rare to matter) and Tank Drones (are you really going to try and get in melee range of one of these?). Broken Cyborgs as well, but they die too easily to really matter…

Please elaborate. I’m not a Marvel fan, let alone a fan of the superhero genre.