Using the heating element in the integrated toolset and other noobie questions

  1. I typically start my character with bionic and have started with the integrated tool set a few times but can not figure out how to use the heating element to cook things. I tried looking this up in the guide and forums but could not find it.

  2. is stashing stuff in refrigerators worth doing? does it help preserve food at all? I assume by the lack of running water that power is off. It is really hard to tell, I have not had meat spoil or frozen dinners thaw but have had milk spoil, if some one could clarify this…

  3. does this game have an objective? I ask because I recently had a character with a heck of a stash to the point where my safe house storage areas were literately overflowing with food and supplies and I have no idea of anything worth doing (spent sometime reading books but …).

  1. You’ll use it automatically from the crafting menu if you have enough bionic power available.

  2. Nope. Fridges do nothing.

  3. Your mission is to have fun.

thanks for clearing that up, there was no indication that it used power, looks like I was just unlucky to not start with a power supply (or maybe it doesn’t start you with a power supply on purpose with this bionic).

That’s a feature bug!

I think you mean:

"That’s a bug feature! :slight_smile:

I think you mean:

"That’s a bug feature! :)[/quote]

There is no such thing as bugs… Just unexpected features.

Are you sure you don’t have power? One of the intrinsic parts of being an android is that you get a free 10 power supply, even though it doesn’t show up in your bionics list.