Question for linguists

It may be there is a forum for linguists? For, just as primarily a question for him.
question about black humour.

Well, we can say “pig meat” and can say "pork"
by analogy “venison” called “reindeer”

is an analogue of even “chicken” - “chicken”
“Zombie Meat” how to call it?
translator of such words does not know - only makes the transcription of a Russian “zombyatina.”

I mean that the translator knows the word for “venison” which is "deer meat"
but not knows word-analog for zombie meat.

maybe because of translator not knows that word but this word is known by some of you?


being unable to type in russian on this rig i’ll replay to this thread rather than the other one you’ve made
I’ve no definite linguistic knowledge its just one of the languages i speak it in my day-to-day. ( excluding all the english typing )
So expect my opinion to be messy at the least :stuck_out_tongue:

In my understanding
the suffix in “zomb-yatina” while linguistically it seems to make sense, it however also suggests that the meat is eadible and has it’s own culinary properties. (?)

while in reality it’s just the “tainted” meat of the animal it were before being infected.
Thus the way it’s layed out in the english version seems to make sense to me.
calling it as what it is rather than using a siffix that would suggest it has properties which it does not.

also человечина ? Yeah there’s some dark humour involved if that’s what it’s called lol

black humor, yes, he is, he is dear. :slight_smile:

but not limited to black humor, yet robust grain (no matter how paradoxical it may sound)
With regards to the “meat that can not be eaten,” or can be - and perhaps some bionic implants did not promise us the opportunity to eat any inedible muck? I have heard rumors that a high level of skill “suviving”, you can eat a zombie meat. i dunno - is it true or false. but it is what i hear - nothing other.
And if so - then the name of the meat - zomb-yatina - has some meaning.
and when we have a dish of human flesh - then why not be a recipes with zombie meat? heh?

seems to be logical, I am thinking. well, I think so I think logically. :slight_smile: