Question about removing a Mod

I accidentally added the safe auto doc mod for my current play through and was wondering if anyone can tell me if it’s safe for me to remove without it bugging my save?

You can remove this mod using ‘mods’ json in ‘save’ folder in the main directory. ‘save’ folder contains your worlds. It should be safe but I am not 100% sure

Back the save up and give it a try. Usually the most that’ll happen with removing a mod is that you’ll have some items disappear and maybe get a couple of error messages when you reload, and they’ll usually go away after saving again.
I wouldn’t expect the safe autodoc mod to do that, even.

I’ll try it, For Science!

No issues loading the save, I’ll try and remember to update if there are any issues when I find an auto doc.


Oh yeah, saw your comment about Aftershock, if you’re running a game with that mod on, then Safe Auto-Doc is a prerequisite then , apparently as a “Required” mod for whatever reason…

Not tried that one yet, Its on my list to give a spin though.

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Yeah, definitely worth a shot with a lab start, too bad I haven’t gotten far enough to know exactly what has changed in terms of tools and weapons, but I have a feeling the weapons under “Parts” might be some of the stuff Esther has added.